House & Farm

Never-ending sightlines, nature and traditional masonry

There is a yearning for the here and now, to break free from the digital rat race and find life distilled to its essence. The feel of the earth as it crumbles between your fingers, the joy of baking a loaf of bread, of listening to birds sing their song. Of indulging yourself with a break from the everyday to enjoy time. Outside. To not need to take care of it all and just take it all in instead. We want to create a place where this yearning lives, for nearby friends and neighbors and those who’ve travelled from far away. A place to catch your breath and unwind. A place to enjoy, feel, taste and smell what life has to offer. A place for long walks and free-roaming thoughts. For those seeking nature with no desire for a full schedule or a thousand options. A place for everyone and for simple pleasures. ROSSO writes its own stories, from the calm and tranquil to the rough and wild.

Our Story

A way of living that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting peacefully the natural cycle of growth and decay.

Come to stay

ROSSO awaits your visit and beckons you to stay. Tall, bright walls, vintage wood, lime plaster, canvas, warmth. Pristine in nature and regional. With a bird’s eye view of the neighbor’s cows. Exuding calm and style. A home away from home. Carefree and accessible. Made with love above all else. For you.

Vacationing at ROSSO is part hotel and part holiday home in a familiar atmosphere. Lounge away at the breakfast table in your pajamas and cook together in the evening. Just like at home. There is everything you need: from towels and natural cosmetics in the shower and sauna to a small farm shop with local delicacies.


Time slips away in the Eternal Atelier. Room for all to congregate, with a kitchen, long table, fireplace, books and music.

A grill, an herb garden and lots of sun—The sun terrace is the ideal place for warm summer evenings and sunset watching.

Where every winter hike should end: the cozy guest sauna.

The stories told around the table in the atelier fill our walls with life.