Not your run-of-the-mill Allgäu: beyond overtourism

Every local also knows that real Allgäu cheese spaetzle is made at home by ma. But we still know where you can find the best spaetzle and other local specialties away from home. We can give you these and all sorts of other insider tips on how to experience Allgäu away from the throngs of tourists. ROSSO is located near Altusried in Upper Allgäu, where cattle easily outnumber locals—and locals outnumber tourists. It’s a great place to stay, especially if you enjoy lovely walks, or would like to discover the underrated Adelegg mountains nearby or wander around the winding Iller river. Here you can ride horseback, bike and go canoeing to your heart’s content. If you’d like to venture further towards Lake Constance or the Alps, it’s all within reach. There are so many places to discover in Allgäu, that a few recommendations from us may make it easier. Our insider tip number one remains: put your feet up and do nothing—especially after a healthy portion of cheese spaetzle.

House & Farm


“Where to?”

At the heart of the ROSSO concept is a place of reduction and simplicity. To come and stay. To lay around and lay low. There are no endless options and alternatives, just plenty of possibilities to have a holiday that’s just your speed. On the farm, you’ll find pretty much all you could possibly need for a couple of lovely days. Should you get the itch to go explore the area, we have a few ideas. In no particular order: hiking and mountain climbing (our neighbor is a mountain guide), take a dip in the forest, truffle hunting, canoeing, try your hand at some yoga on the stand-up paddleboard, playing in the playgrounds, pet some squirrels, pet other animals, local cheese tasting, play some tennis, biking, forage for mushrooms, sledding, hiking with snowshoes, trying the local light beer, trying the local dark beer, skiing… We know what else is grand and are happy to give you more tips.


Always a treat: Wandering about the many quaint villages in Allgäu

Vast meadows, fields and space in spades.

No trip would be complete without the Alps: Lake Hopfensee in Ostallgäu.

Nature preserve: The Iller River